• DVB-T receiver MPEG 2/4 and T2 (NEW UK STANDARD)

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DVB-T2 offers an increased efficiency of 30-50% in its use of spectrum compared to DVB-T.
DVB-T is the most widely deployed DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) system worldwide, with over 60 countries that have adopted or deployed the DVB-T standard and more than 200 million receivers deployed. Economies of scale have pushed receiver prices downwards constantly, with basic receivers now readily available at a retail price of less than EUR15. 
In the years ahead, in countries where DVB-T services have become well-established (Europe mainly), regulators will be keen to achieve full Analogue Switch-Off (ASO), and in the process release valuable UHF and VHF spectrum for other purposes. The introduction of new services using DVB-T2 technology at ASO could enable, for example, the roll-out of new nationwide multiplexes offering multichannel HDTV services, or perhaps innovative new datacasting services.
The transition from DVB-T to DVB-T2 will need to be carefully managed in such countries. The DVB Project fully expects DVB-T and DVB-T2 services to co-exist side-by-side for some time to come.
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DVB-T receiver MPEG 2/4 and T2 (NEW UK STANDARD)

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