Android or Wince?

The main differences between the Windows and Android head units are basically that the Android has Internet and Email access

and the ability to be more customized to you as the user.

In future the operating system (Android) can be upgraded as new features and changes come out as well as being customized by downloading and installing APPS

The Android unit also features a built in Disc that can Copy and store for playback . The peripherals like Dash Cam and a DVB receiver

are simple Plug and play as well. 

The Windows (WinCE 6.0) units are a more fixed design , They cannot be changed or upgraded.


They Both have the main components , AM/FM radio, SAt Nav, DVD/CD Players, Bluetooth, Ipod interfaces, SD Card and USB Playback and can both accept DVB and Cameras.

For Longevity , the Android is a bit more money but a better investment as far as keeping up with technology advancements. 

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